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Youth Furniture Safety Guide

From newborns to teenagers, when it comes to your kids, the most important thing is their safety. Accidents will happen, but the right furniture can limit or prevent many accidents all-together. Today, youth furniture is constructed and designed with your child's safety in mind; rigorously tested through third-party organizations in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's regulations. For extra peace of mind and to learn more about what to look for as you shop for beds, storage, and accessories for your child's bedroom, look at our helpful guide below.

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youth furniture safety guide

Bedtime Safety

Safety Features to Look for when Shopping for Beds, Bunk Beds, or Cribs

entrapment hazards Entrapment Hazards Sometimes kids try to fit into small spaces and get stuck. This can be scary for both the child and parent. Furnish your child’s room with products that eliminate entrapment hazards. Smaller openings prevent kids from getting their arms and legs trapped. Kids will be safer and parents can be worry free.
adjustable crib heights Adjustable Crib Heights Your baby is going to grow and grow fast; your crib should grow with them. Cribs with an adjustable mattress height will accommodate your growing baby as they begin to sit and stand, while also keeping them safe inside the rails.

Safety-First Storage

Safety Features to Look for when Shopping for Youth Storage Furniture

pain burshes Lead-Free Finishes With children's disregard for what they put into their mouths and body, lead-free finishes for youth furniture is of huge importance. Finishes are now heavily regulated and tested by third-party organizations to ensure that any lead found in finishes is less than 90 parts per million. For parents, even the smallest percentage can be worrying, so look for youth furniture with completely lead-free finishes.